#1 bestselling free eBook short story collection on Amazon!

Wow… That’s all I can say in response to the free eBook of Seven Stories.

As of this morning, the eBook is the #1 bestselling free eBook short story collection on Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, and France, plus #2 in Spain and and Italy thanks to your support! (Plus it’s in the Top 5 and Top 10 in several other categories in the stores.)

There have been thousands and thousands of downloads, tons of emails and Tweets and messages on Facebook.

The strong interest in this eBook only happened thanks to everyone who has been posting links and promoting the free download, and I truly appreciate the support you have shown this project.

There are a few more days left in the free promotional window, so please keep telling anyone who might be interested if you can. It would be awesome to keep up this level of excitement for the book!

If you’ve already downloaded Seven Stories, I hope you have a chance to read the stories and I hope you like them. These stories are going into my new collections later this year, so you could consider this a free preview of those books to see if you like my style.

And if you do like the Seven Stories eBook, I would really appreciate any positive customer reviews you might have time to post on Amazon so other readers will see your feedback in the future.

Here are the links again if you want to grab your copy before time runs out:


Thank you again for all of your support!



  1. It is so good to see that you have had such great results with the free book offer. I can’t wait to start reading my copy! 🙂 I will post a review once I am finished.

  2. I would love to read these, but I can’t afford to get a Kindle. Is there a way to just download it as a PDF so I can read it on my laptop? I’m sad that otherwise I’ll miss out. 🙁

    • Never mind! I had no idea that there is free Kindle for PC software (I’m not the most Kindle educated). I just downloaded it and your wonderful stories. I am so happy now. Thanks for releasing your stories for free. That’s so nice of you. 🙂

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