BONUS CONTENT: First Glenn Chadbourne Illustration From A New Chapbook For Supporters Only!

As you might remember, I’ve switched gears to stand-alone short stories for the chapbooks for now since the serialized novel concept wasn’t gelling for me. (Reminder: these chapbooks ship to anyone on rewards Levels 2 and above!) Today, I’d like to show you the first illustration from Glenn Chadbourne for the next chapbook:

The next chapbook will ship in early 2019 due to the time it took me to be happy with the story, although I’m still not sure I’m truly happy with it! That could be because this one is REALLY WEIRD. At least for me. Compared to other authors, it’s downright tame, but for me… yep, it’s kind of strange! But that’s okay! It’s good to stretch your boundaries as a writer, explore new territories. The true test of the story will be what you, the readers, think!

Anyway, this one is called “An Unusual Proposition for a Mountain Man” and my friend Glenn Chadbourne has provided five illustrations for the chapbook, which is being designed as I write this:

I’ll post another update when the chapbook is ready to ship, but in the meantime, PLEASE be sure to update your Patreon Account shipping address if you move since that database is where I pull the shipping lists from for rewards.

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!