BONUS CONTENT: Top Secret preview of a new children’s book due out in 2020!

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this because it’s a 2020 book, but I wanted to show you something because this is yet another project that is finally happening because I had the time to work on it thanks to your support! But this is also completely unannounced, no publishing deals are in place yet, etc, so please don’t mention or share this anywhere:

The Girl Who Builds Monsters is a traditional children’s book with a bit of a twist. I wrote the text and Vincent Chong is painting a ton of artwork for the book.

He started on sketches earlier this year, and will probably be painting for a full year to get all of the final artwork completed.

So, there’s no publication deal in place yet, but I am extremely excited about this project for a variety of reasons. I think the story has a great theme and lesson for kids of all ages and, of course, 30+ full color pages of Vincent Chong artwork will be gorgeous to look at!

I’ll try to share some of the finished color artwork next year as it arrives, but for now, mum’s the word. 🙂

Thank you all again for your support!