BONUS CONTENT: Why it’s important to keep my mini-collections in print!

I’ve received some questions about the new editions of my mini-collections, so I thought I’d answer that as a “bonus post” for everyone:

For a variety of reasons it is really important I keep these earlier mini-collections available even though the stories are all in Walking With Ghosts.

Here are three of those reasons:

A) more books under my name, even smaller ones, means increased visibility in the marketplace, which is especially important since I am not prolific

B) more books means more promotional and advertising opportunities with certain stores like Amazon and Kobo

C) more books means increased odds a reader who is a good fit for my work will find ONE of the books and hopefully became a fan who seeks out the others.

In this case, by the end of the year I’ll have these four mini-collections in the marketplace as affordable trade paperbacks and eBooks:


There are several other, slightly more rambling reasons for taking this approach:

1) Each mini-collection’s trade paperback will have a lower price than the big trade paperback for WALKING WITH GHOSTS that will be published later this year or in early 2020. Someone who doesn’t know my work might be willing to spend a little bit to try one of the mini-collections while shying away from the price of the full-length collection.

2) On the eBook side of things, I can give away one of the mini-collections for free as a sampler with the hopes that readers will discover they dig my writing and will pick up the other books for “not free.”

3) With all these four new books in the marketplace as trade paperbacks and eBooks, I can run paid ads and promotions for four different titles instead of just one to try to catch the attention of different readers in different places.

4) When someone buys one of the mini-collections on Amazon, Amazon will often recommend the other mini-collections to them, so if the reader enjoys the first one, they might buy the others as well. Amazon may also prioritize letting these readers know about my NEW releases in the future. (What Amazon does and how they do it is a mystery to everyone not in charge of Amazon, though.)

That’s the gist of why I’m taking this approach, and I want to thank you again for all of your support that makes it possible!