Bonus Reward In September For Supporters!

To say I’m blown away by the support I’ve received from readers on Patreon is an understatement.

As a token of my appreciation, I’ll be sending each supporter at the $5 or higher reward levels a free signed Advance Review Copy in September.

This wasn’t a “promised” reward, but I wanted to find some small way to say THANK YOU for your support. The ARCs I’m using will represent a mix of new and old projects since I only have so many of each to go around.

For those at the $1 level, I really do appreciate your support as well and I have another “unplanned reward” in the works for this fall that you will receive since it doesn’t require postage and packing materials.

The next story will be ready in about ten days, so please stay tuned. Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!