BONUS CONTENT: Essays and Other Thoughts

As you might have noticed lately, I’m playing around with the idea of posting little essays — essentially “blog stuff” — just for my Patreon supporters.

Some of the material will eventually end up posted elsewhere for the general public, but the tone will probably be a wee bit less laid back when I’m putting the info out there for general readers and collectors.

I think some of these posts would just be for us here, though. For example, I’ve always wanted to write about how a lot of money was once wasted on a publicist for a project and I would probably never share that one publicly!

This would all be bonus content, with no changes to the Rewards Levels or extra fees or anything like that, of course.

It also wouldn’t be on a set schedule. Probably just when the mood and the right idea hit.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!