New short story collection Weak and Wounded reviewed by SF Site

Mario Guslandi over at SF Site has just posted a glowing review of new mini-collection of short stories, Weak and Wounded, which will be published next month.

Here is a little bit of the review because some readers might consider certain points in the full review to be spoilers:

Brian James Freeman is a brilliant writer whose horror stories do not rely upon vampires, zombies or werewolves, as the present collection (a slim book reprinting five of his previously published stories) clearly demonstrates. In these stories he portrays one of the true horrors afflicting human existence, namely the pain, the hurt and the emptiness created by the loss of loved ones. Freeman describes that horror with skill, insight and finesse, leaving behind a deep sense of sorrow and anger for the atrocities of life… Whether you’re a horror fan or not, it doesn’t matter: anyone fond of good fiction addressing and probing the deep secrets of the human soul will be enchanted by the sheer beauty of those stories.

The signed Limited Edition sold out in one week after it was announced, but there are still three copies of the Deluxe Lettered Edition left available from Cemetery Dance Publications and there will be affordable trade paperback and eBook editions next year.