New Trade Paperback and Hardcover: Walking With Ghosts

As I’ve been telling my Patreon supporters as part of their “behind the scenes” access, I needed to test a POD (print-on-demand) trade paperback printer for a series of projects we have in the works for next year. The first printings will be offset, but then I need a POD printer to keep up with the whims of the distributors. These are important books, so I didn’t want to just sent them to a printer I’d never worked with before and hope for the best. Instead, I’m using Walking with Ghosts as my test subject:

Luckily, these paperbacks turned out great, so I think this printer is going to work really well for our purposes.

The company also prints POD hardcovers, which in my experience have always been kind of lackluster, but it was free to add the edition to the job, so I gave it a shot…. and I’d say this hardcover is actually pretty nice! Not as nice as what you’d expect from a Limited Edition hardcover, but not bad!

Both of these editions are the next rewards for Patreon supporters on the “Receive Every New Book” and above, but these editions are also available for the general public to purchase right now:

Amazon Trade Paperback
Amazon Trade Hardcover
Barnes & Noble Trade Paperback
Barnes & Noble Trade Hardcover

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!