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Next Patreon Exclusive: Walking With Ghosts Limited Edition

It’s been such a busy summer that I never had a chance to post about the latest reward for Patreon supporters on Level 4 and above, which shipped back in July: the first US Limited Edition hardcover of my collection Walking With Ghosts.

Limited to just 200 signed and numbered copies, this special illustrated edition also features 60+ pieces of artwork by horror artist extraordinaire Glenn Chadbourne:

Thank you again for your continuing support and enthusiasm. More news to come soon!


Writing and Production Updates for Brian James Freeman Patreon Supporters!

I have lots of important updates for my Patreon supporters, so we’ll get right to it:

* The review copies of Walking With Ghosts had a small printing issue, but the ARC printer is rushing me a new batch to replace those. I should be able to get all of them shipped by this time next week. PLEASE make sure your mailing address is correct on your Patreon profile page. That’s where all of the shipments get generated from. Thank you!

* RELATED NOTE: The new “Special Illustrated Artist Limited Edition” of Walking With Ghosts will list ALL of my Patreon supporters as of March 1, 2021 in a special Thank You section. Your name will appear as it does on your Patreon profile page. I’ll be downloading the list later this week for my designer, so please be sure to double-check the spelling is exactly how you’d like it to be.

* Everything for this special edition is just about ready for the printer. Glenn Chadbourne is signing the signature sheets soon, and then I’ll sign, and then everything goes to the printer for a June shipping date:

* As before, there will be a Deluxe Lettered Edition of Walking With Ghosts created by my binder for supporters on Level 7 and above. Those editions won’t ship until later in the year, though, due to the production times involved. (The binding and case making is ALL done by hand.)

* I have a new (very short) story to post this month. It’s called “The Hired Gun,” and I think you’ll like it.

* I’ve been really stuck on the editing and rewriting of The Echo of Memory, which I’ve been wanting to serialize in full on Patreon for a long time now. For those who don’t know, here’s why I’ve been working so hard on a book I first wrote back in the ’90s:

After I graduated college in 2002, Don D’Auria at Leisure and Richard Chizmar at Cemetery Dance Publications both agreed to publish the book in 2004. Leisure would publish the mass-market paperback you’d see in regular bookstores while CD would produce a signed Limited Edition for collectors.

For reasons that are no longer important, it was recommended I use the pen name James Kidman and the title Black Fire on those first editions, which I now consider a mistake. I’ve since restored my name and my preferred title.

I also received “first reader” feedback that resulted in some more rewrites and additions to the text, many of which I later realized weren’t actually helpful to the story. There really can be too many cooks in the kitchen, and the originally published version suffered from that.

That’s probably why, while revising the manuscript this past year, I realized all of the padding needed to go. The resulting draft is leaner and maybe a little meaner, what the story always wanted to be. It isn’t perfect, but you should have seen the materials I started with!

This new draft goes to my copyeditor next month, and the serialization should start again this summer. Plus: I have a special surprise planned for later this year to thank everyone for their patience.

More news soon! Thank you very much for all of your support!


Walking With Ghosts reviewed by Hellnotes!

Walking With Ghosts, my first full-length short story collection recently published by the amazing folks at PS Publishing, has now been reviewed by Mario Guslandi over at Hellnotes. Here is a small preview of this very good review:

Brian James Freeman is a well respected author of short stories in the field of dark fiction. His specialty is what we used to call “quiet horror”(the master of which was Charles L. Grant), meaning a type of horror fiction where the reader is disturbed and unsettled in a gentle, but deep fashion, without making use of gore, unnecessary violence, and graphic details. The exact opposite of so-called “splatterpunk” but, in the end, much more effective in producing shivers and fright… [These stories] are very good. So good that it’s hard to pinpoint the more accomplished, being impossible to comment in detail upon each one… A highly recommended collection.

This is just a small taste, and Mario takes the time to comment on many of the stories. If you still haven’t picked up a copy, please check out the review!

(Reminder: my  “Level 6” and “Level 7” supporters on Patreon will automatically receive both editions of Walking With Ghosts from my personal copies as soon as I have them!)

Please read more or place your order on the PS Publishing website!

Walking With Ghosts — First Copy From the UK Has Arrived!

Walking With Ghostsmy first full-length short story collection, is being published by the amazing folks at PS Publishing and my first copy arrived this past week. Here are a few  photos I took very quickly the other day of this beautiful book they’ve produced:

(Reminder: my  “Level 6” and “Level 7” supporters on Patreon will automatically receive both editions of this book from my personal copies!)

Please read more on the PS Publishing website!

Walking With Ghosts BOOK TRAILER has gone live!

Walking With Ghostsmy first full-length short story collection, will be published later this summer by the amazing folks at PS Publishing!

The incredible team at PS Publishing has created a book trailer for the collection, which you can view here on YouTube:

(Reminder: my  “Level 6” and “Level 7” supporters on Patreon will automatically receive both editions of this book from my personal copies!)

Please read more on the PS Publishing website!Walking With Ghosts trade hardcover

JUST ANNOUNCED! Walking With Ghosts, a new short story collection!

UK Limited Edition 3D Mock-Up

I’m thrilled to report my first full-length short story collection, which has been more than 20 years in the making, will be published later this summer by the amazing folks at PS Publishing!

Walking With Ghosts will be available as both a signed & slipcased Limited Edition hardcover (limited to just 100 copies) and also as a beautiful trade hardcover. Vincent Chong created the incredible artwork for the cover, slipcase, and endpapers. It’s going to be a great looking book thanks to his efforts!

(Reminder: my  Level 6 and Level 7 supporters on Patreon will automatically receive both editions from my personal copies.)

Please read more about WALKING WITH GHOSTS on the PS Publishing website and place your order while supplies last!

Supporters To Be Thanked In A Signed Limited Edition Book!

As my supporters on Patreon already know, I have a new short story collection coming out in 2018 called WALKING WITH GHOSTS, which will feature 28 of my stories (several of them new, all of them revised), extensive story notes, an introduction by William Peter Blatty, and stunning color artwork by Vincent Chong.

I’m very pleased to report today that everyone who supports my Patreon page at ANY LEVEL before October 1, 2017 will be thanked on a special acknowledgements page in the signed Limited Edition hardcover of WALKING WITH GHOSTS.

More details will be shared when the book is actually announced next year, but I wanted to let you know now that your support played a major role in making this collection possible. Thank you!

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