Spammed By Term Paper Writing Service On My Term Paper Post!

A while back, I wrote a post about a student who basically wanted us to write her term paper for her: A Student Needs Help With A Term Paper

This morning, I was notified of a pending comment in the moderation queue for that post. 99% of the time on a post that old, these comments are spam.

(The only exception is my post Restoring A Mac From A Time Capsule Back-Up Via the Ethernet Port, which a lot of people seem to find thanks to Google searches related to a problem they’re having.)

Normally these spam comments are either super vague and poorly written (“I love your high quality site, it gives me good reads”) or wildly off topic and selling knock-off products for fashion and, um, the bedroom.

So this time I had to laugh when I saw what the spammed comment was promoting: a service that sells term papers to students.

They just promote their service as if they “help” the student through “tips” and “training.”  But when you click on their linked name, it’s clear what they’re really selling.

In terms of targeted spamming, this comment was a home run for the spammer. They couldn’t have landed on a better post to spam their product.

Of course, I deleted it and marked it as spam in the moderation queue so it never saw the light of day.