Audiobook of Blue November Storms Now Available For Just $6.95!

I’m very pleased to report that Blue November Storms is now available as an unabridged audiobook read by Steven Roy Grimsley for just $6.95 on,,  and iTunes.

I’ve always thought of this early work of mine as a “chills and thrills” B-Movie type of story and I think Steven Roy Grimsley ran with that idea when he recorded his excellent reading. This audiobook features the revised version of the text and the introduction by Ray Garton from the trade paperback and eBook editions that were published earlier this year.

Here’s the sales copy:

It’s been twenty years since the group of friends known as the Lightning Five last visited their hunting cabin together.

Twenty years spent living in the shadow of something they did in high school, an event that forever defined them in the minds of everyone in their small town.

Now they’re returning to the cabin to reminisce about old times and forget their troubles, but Mother Nature has other plans in mind.

Before too long supplies will be running low and the Lightning Five will have to make some hard choices… like who gets to live and who has to die.

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