Very Cool Inscribed Copy of IT by Stephen King

A book collector named Chad was the grand prize winner of’s latest fundraiser for The Haven Foundation and his prize was a copy of the Gift Edition of It: The 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition by Stephen King, which King very graciously agreed to inscribe to him. I absolutely love the inscription and Chad was kind enough to permit me to show off a photo of what King wrote to him and his son:

It by Stephen King

It by Stephen King


  1. King is so cool. A long time ago, I had him sign my first edition hardcover of “The Waste Lands,” and he inscribed it by drawing a thought bubble above Oy’s head.

    • Ha, that’s great! I love when he does thought bubbles. He and Bernie Wrightson had dueling thought bubbles on a Lettered Edition signature sheet for FROM A BUICK 8. I wonder if I saved a pic of that…

  2. What a special Birthday present! Chad……you and your Son Caleb are so very lucky! And did you get that ballon from Pennywise? I love clowns and balloons and creepy things… especially……things that go bump in the night! ….. Tee hee! Happy Birthday Chad! Hey Stephen! You missed mine! it was in May…..Waaaaaaaaaa!

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