Brian James Freeman, Your Website Needs More Pop-Up Ads! (Um, no thanks!)

A lot of people in the writing business have been telling me I really need a pop-up window on my website that begs visitors to sign-up for my mailing list… but no… just no…

I can’t stand those ads, especially when I can’t seem to close them on my phone, and I never sign-up for the newsletters they’re promoting.

I mean, why would I sign-up for someone’s newsletter when I’m literally visiting their site for the very first time to find out who they are or what their book is about? I get enough email as it is!

Now, I will sign up for your newsletter after I read something of yours I like OR if I’m intrigued by what you’re doing/working on.

So nope. If you’re on my site and want to subscribe to my newsletter, the sign-up box is around here somewhere. I’d love to see you on the mailing list, but I won’t be forcing a pop-up window into your face to get you there.

If NOT having that newsletter sign-up pop-up window on my site ends up being the ONE reason I never break through to the next level, I guess it sucks to be me because it’s just not happening!

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