BONUS CONTENT: New thank you cards and REVIVAL news!

This might like seem like a silly thing, but after crunching the numbers for my revised Patreon budget for 2019, thanks to the new supporters and those of you who have jumped to higher levels lately, I was able to have my new batch of “Thank you for your support” cards professionally printed by a local print shop on a much nicer, heavy card stock.

I try to include a signed card from time to time with the printed rewards I ship. I don’t ask the warehouse staff at CD to include one when they’re helping me out like they did recently because they have enough to do, but if you haven’t gotten one of these yet, you probably will later this year. And if you have already gotten one, the next one will be a lot nicer thanks to everyone’s support! I’ll change the design for the next batch, too, to keep things fresh.

The big, real news I wanted to share with all of you before anyone else is this:

After adding up all of the orders from the retailers for the signed & slipcased Limited Edition of Revival by Stephen King, I’m pleased to report the official print run for this edition will be: 1,500 copies!

That is much higher than I had dared hope for, so I’m ordering additional signature sheet paper this week. Support for this project has been terrific and positive, and I look forward to producing a truly beautiful special edition for collectors. I’ll be posting lots of production updates over at the LetterPress Publications website and social media accounts for those who would like to follow along.

Thank you again for all of your support!