BONUS CONTENT: Top Secret artwork preview of a new children’s book due out in 2020!

I mentioned this book once last year, and like I said last year, I probably shouldn’t be sharing this at all yet because it’s a September 2020 publication, but I wanted to show you something because this is yet another project that is finally happening because I had the time to work on it thanks to your support!

But again… this is also completely unannounced, so please don’t mention this book or share the art anywhere! Thanks!

The Girl Who Builds Monsters is a traditional children’s book with a bit of a twist. I wrote the text and Vincent Chong is creating SO MUCH artwork for the book. He started on sketches last year, and we now have a completed sketchbook of the complete story with all of the text and page designs figured out. We’re finalizing the last few details now, and then Vinny is off to the races to create the pages for real in color.

Above you’ll see the “color test” for our main character Emma. Emma is amazing. We love her quite a bit.

The plan is for this book to be published in September 2020, most likely in the same types of editions as The Zombie Who Cried Human has been.

Vinny and I had a few discussions about “shaping” the book for New York publishers and their children’s lines, including a complete editorial consultation by a former long-time children’s book editor for a major New York publisher, but we’ve decided to stick with our vision and trust in the readers to dig Emma’s story the way it is. If enough readers like what we’ve done, maybe bigger things will happen. If not, that’s okay. We like Emma the way she is.

I’ll try to share more of the finished color artwork as it arrives, but since we won’t be officially announcing ANYTHING until 2020, mum’s the word for now. 🙂

Thank you all again for your support!