BONUS CONTENT: Sneak peek photos at a new and unannounced Lettered Edition!

These will be finished up and shipped NEXT month, but I wanted to give all of you the first look at the Lettered Edition of THE ZOMBIE WHO CRIED HUMAN!

This Signed & Traycased Lettered Edition is limited to just 26 copies and it hasn’t actually been announced to the general public yet, let alone SOLD to anyone, but supporters on Level 7 and above are already on the list, of course.

The traycase is blind stamped on the FRONT, the BACK, and the SPINE. There’s a pull-out ribbon inside. The endpapers have a really nice “crush texture” embossing. And each book has an original color piece of Glenn Chadbourne artwork tipped in after the signature sheet to make each copy unique!

The retail price hasn’t been set yet, but here are some photos: