Walking With Ghosts reviewed by Hellnotes!

Walking With Ghosts, my first full-length short story collection recently published by the amazing folks at PS Publishing, has now been reviewed by Mario Guslandi over at Hellnotes. Here is a small preview of this very good review:

Brian James Freeman is a well respected author of short stories in the field of dark fiction. His specialty is what we used to call “quiet horror”(the master of which was Charles L. Grant), meaning a type of horror fiction where the reader is disturbed and unsettled in a gentle, but deep fashion, without making use of gore, unnecessary violence, and graphic details. The exact opposite of so-called “splatterpunk” but, in the end, much more effective in producing shivers and fright… [These stories] are very good. So good that it’s hard to pinpoint the more accomplished, being impossible to comment in detail upon each one… A highly recommended collection.

This is just a small taste, and Mario takes the time to comment on many of the stories. If you still haven’t picked up a copy, please check out the review!

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