New Rewards, New Levels, Still Time To Qualify For Big Rewards!

I’m making some improvements to my Patreon rewards levels for those who might be interested in signing up before the big rewards kick in:

Since most of us are pretty new to Patreon, I’ve decide to waive the “minimum period to receive rewards” for January 2018.

What that means is this: whatever reward level you’re at on January 1, 2018 is the reward you will get in January 2018 regardless of when you signed up for that level.

So please feel free to sign up TODAY for the first time OR, if you’re already a supporter, you can jump to a higher level if you’d like to get even more/better  rewards right away.

Also, there is a new LEVEL FIVE in the rewards program that you might be interested in. Here are the details:

LEVEL FIVE: ALL the Above PLUS a copy of every book I publish!

All of the other rewards (free reads, exclusive chapbooks, signed ARCs, an exclusive trade paperback just for supporters) PLUS you can receive a FREE copy of every new book/edition with my name on it that’s published while you’re at Level Five. This includes collections, novellas, and novels I write, along with anthologies I edit. eBooks, trade editions, and even signed Limited Edition hardcovers. New books and reprints, they’re all yours if you want them.

To sign-up or change your current level, just visit my Patreon page:

Thank you, as always, for your continuing support!