New trade paperback of LOST AND LONELY shipping soon!

I’m pleased to report there is a new revised and expanded trade paperback edition of Lost and Lonely, featuring amazing Vincent Chong cover artwork, which will ship next month to Patreon supporters on level Six and above!

Orders can now be placed through Cemetery Dance Publications, and books ordered there will be signed for a limited time only.

Orders via Amazon won’t be signed, but on the other hand they can get a copy of the book into your hands this week, so that’s pretty tempting, eh?

As you might recall, this new edition of Lost and Lonely follows the revised and expanded editions of Dreamlike States, Weak and Wounded, and More Than Midnight, completing the publication process for these new trade paperbacks.

Here are all four trade paperbacks, so you can see what the complete set looks like:

New Covers

Thank you again for all of your support!